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Kristallnacht Anniversary

Posted by Elyse in News

Hey Everyone, Today marks the 74th anniversary of Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass. On this day, many Jews were killed and hundreds were arrested by the Nazi’s; as well as Jewish owned buildings destroyed by the Nazi’s. We must NEVER forget and ALWAYS remember…

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hi Everyone! I know it has been a while since I last posted…school has been very busy as I am preparing for final exams and the last weeks of school. Holocaust Remembrance Day was the other day, and it was very important for me to…

Butterfly Garden

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago, I spoke for the Butterfly Project. They were holding a fundraiser to get people to donate money for the new butterfly garden that will be opening in Shalom Park shortly. Below is the speech I gave. I encourage you…

Henry Hirschmann

Posted by Elyse in Stories

Where and When were you born? I was born in a town outside Frankfort in Germany. How did you know you were going to have to leave your home? It was no longer safe for me to live there. Were you in a concentration camp?…

Fred Lejuene Kahn

Posted by Elyse in Stories

Fred Kahn, SAIS: ’63 A Dramatic Escape to a New LifeWhen Fred Kahn recalls his childhood, growing up in a Jewish household in Germany at the dawn of the Second World War, clear images spring to mind: neighborhood children riding on sleighs, trumpets blaring from…

At My Bar Mitzvah-Theirs

Posted by Elyse in Poems

When I was thirteen, I became Bar Mitzvah, When they were thirteen, they became Bar Mitzvah When I was thirteen, my teachers taught me – to put Tefillin on my arm. When they were thirteen, their teachers taught them – to throw a hand grenade…

Holocaust Denial by Priest in Europe

Posted by Elyse in News

Pope Criticized as Priest Says Nazi Gas Chambers ‘Disinfected’ From Bloomberg News Email | Print | A A A By Flavia Krause-Jackson Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) — Pope Benedict XVI again came under fire from members of the Jewish community after a second priest publicly questioned…

Ruth Bloch Story

Posted by Elyse in Stories

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia May 24th, 1937. My mother was born Erna Berger in 1909 and became Erna Kohn when she married my father. It is very hard for me to recollect the true facts of all that happened, as I was only…

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