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A Fairy Tale

Posted by Elyse in Stories

A Fairy Tale   Written by: Dr. Hugo Schleicher (Elyse’s great-grandfather)   Once upon a time – the fairy tales have mostly this beginning. But have you ever heard a fairy tale, which tells the real truth? If not, let me tell you one.  …

My Journey to America

Posted by Elyse in Stories

My Journey to America   Written by: Dr. Hugo Schleicher (Elyse’s great-grandfather)   May I start with the date of Sunday, the 12th of May 1940, that remarkable day, when I was arrested together with all Germans and Austrian subjects in different parts of Great…

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hi Everyone! I know it has been a while since I last posted…school has been very busy as I am preparing for final exams and the last weeks of school. Holocaust Remembrance Day was the other day, and it was very important for me to…

Video on Johtje Vos

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hi Everyone! In my English Class, we are reading Night. Along with reading the book, we have a research project. We were each assigned a specific person who played in active role in the Holocaust. I was given Johtje Vos. She was a rescuer. She…

Submitted by Felice Cohen

Posted by Elyse in Stories

Excerpt from her memoir, “What Papa Told Me” about her grandfather’s life before, during, and after the Holocaust. Foreword “Feigela,” Papa’s eyes were moist as he spoke my Yiddish name. “I want you should write my story.” He was looking out a glassed-in porch, four…

Butterfly Garden

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago, I spoke for the Butterfly Project. They were holding a fundraiser to get people to donate money for the new butterfly garden that will be opening in Shalom Park shortly. Below is the speech I gave. I encourage you…

Henry Hirschmann

Posted by Elyse in Stories

Where and When were you born? I was born in a town outside Frankfort in Germany. How did you know you were going to have to leave your home? It was no longer safe for me to live there. Were you in a concentration camp?…

Submitted by Nathan Ingraham

Posted by Elyse in Stories

It was September, 1939. It was the Jewish High Holiday season. The place was the city Lvov in Poland. Nina was eighteen years old. Her parents were into business. She had just graduated from school and planned to go to medical school. But she painfully…

Inge Guggenheimer nee Bodenheimer

Posted by Elyse in Stories

How old were you when you left Germany? I was just thirteen when we left Germany How did you feel when you found out what was going on and that you had to leave? My parents kept the details of our leaving pretty much to…

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