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Hey everyone! Below is an article about the Blueprints that were found for Auschwitz. In a previous blog I wrote about wondering about people who didn’t believe in the Holocaust. Here states that there is proof! The Blueprints were found and I just can’t believe…

Holocaust Article

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Howdy Everyone! I was reading an article called “Holocaust Education faces cuts in recession, and it was a really interesting article about someone who was also very interested in the Holocaust and how they are loosing funding. The link to the article is When…

Holocaust Denial by Priest in Europe

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Pope Criticized as Priest Says Nazi Gas Chambers ‘Disinfected’ From Bloomberg News Email | Print | A A A By Flavia Krause-Jackson Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) — Pope Benedict XVI again came under fire from members of the Jewish community after a second priest publicly questioned…

There is a great story by his granddaughter Devra

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Hi everyone. There is a really great story titled “A Special Bond” written by Edward Blonder’s granddaughter Devra Jaffe that can be found on the following website: I couldn’t figure out how to post the story here on my blog – sorry

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