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  1. I have a book coming out very soon called Creating Light. It’s about what three Holocaust survivors have done
    since the war to give back to a world that wished to exterminate them. The lives of Leo Bretholz, Martin Gray,
    and Thomas Buergenthal are treated. Sentia Publishing will publish it as an ebook and a print on demand book. – approx. 150 pages.

  2. Hi Elyse, What a wonderful story and what a great thing you are doing to honor your grandparents. I teach 8th grade language arts, and we do a very extensive study on the Holocaust. Our students are fortunate to hear a survivor speak to them each year. Mr. Morris Glass will be visiting our school soon. Thank you for sharing your heritage with us.

  3. I am a middle school Language Arts educator and I teach a unit on Holocaust education. I read your article and really like your story. Looking forward to sharing it with my students. Many thanks, John Griffin, NBCT

  4. Hi Elyse. I am very moved by your wonderful website in honor of your grandfather. I formed the Jewish Legacy Group which honors many Jewish Luminararies who contributed greatly to European culture but tragically died in the Holocaust. I do not have a website – but I welcome you to email me and I would love to send you very fascinating and compelling material about these great people. ( you csan post on your own site.) Thank you for creating this website – I’m sure it moves many people

  5. Hello, Elyse. I teach history at a local college in Western Maryland and have for many years. My area of interest is the Holocaust. I have met and become friends with several survivors. Their stories are very important, and we need to keep them alive and learn from them. I have found when you personalize an event in history, it means more to the student. I think what you are doing is magnificent. If you are ever in Western Maryland, I’d love to meet you and have you speak to my classes.

  6. Hi Elyse – my 13 yr old daughter and I (both Catholic) were at the play today, and were priviliged to hear you speak. You are a very eloquent young lady, and I so admire your desire to share your legacy. I look forward to educating myself more by looking through your site…thank you for all the time and energy you spend ensuring that the past is never forgotten.

  7. Dear Elyse,
    I read the article on you that was from a link at the Boston3G site. You are already an amazing person. Don’t let anyone ever try to take you down, like the other two nasty entries below. You are doing a great job.

    I want to let you know that I am a Personal Historian and filmmaker. Please have a look at my website. Maybe what I am doing can inspire you or perhaps your family might like me to make their story into a documentary. I just completed a Holocaust survivor story of a woman who was a hidden child in Poland during the war. I am one lone woman, a fairly new business, not a professional big studio, but I am finding that my own desire for peace and love in our world can come through the art form of the simple documentary. In the next two weeks I will have the new previews up so you can see the range of what I do. Maybe you can link to my site and I can link people to yours too. Let’s chat! See all the info you need at:

    blessings to you and your work!

  8. My daughter, Shawn Leo, sent me the article written about you and your website. She worked with your mom, Elyse. I am glad to see you are doing this, and wish you continued success!

  9. Hi Elyse. My Bodenheimer family came to North Carolina in 1750’s we have a Reunion the last Sunday in July. as a child I grew up beside of a Bert Bodenheimer,not your grandfather.Not any of the early Bodenheimer’s was Jewish that Iam aware of.You are a great young lady to under take this project.I live beside a couple from Germany he fought in the Germany Army after the war they came to America. Thank you for all of you work to keepthe History of truth alive. So many people try to change facts tosay what they want to say , not what happen. Thanks again

  10. Elyse – I would be proud to have you as my child. As a college student in the 1970’s, my major was German language and history. I had the opportunity to live in Germany for 6 months. While there, I visited Dachau and I will never forget the impression it made on me. It was absolutely chilling and made me feel sick that people could inflict such horror upon others. You are an inspiration!! Keep up your wonderful work and never let people forget what happened.

  11. Hi Elyse. Cool site. I saw your article from the Charlotte Observer. It’s Sam from Becca’s class at Hewbrew school. Do you know which site you made “My Jewish Legacy”.

  12. Enjoyed your article in the Observer, great job! I am a gentile and have been a friend of Israel for 30 years. I have a small museum in Monroe, NC dedicated to showing gentiles the importance of Israel. I start with the Balfour Declaration which most gentiles have never heard of. My wife and I helped Ed Pizer bring an art display to the Jewish Center named “The Family I Never Knew” by Ardyn Halter a tremendous artist. We had the pleasure of spending the day with him recently. If you have not seen his 11 prints at the JC you want to see them! Keep up the good work.

  13. I go to Temple Israel, and I read an article about you previously, and about your grandparents. I may be wrong, and please correct me, but I thought the article mentioned that you had relatives in Auburn, Maine. That’s where my parents came from. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to know if they did, or was Conn. the only place in New England they lived. I grew up in Mass. Thanks alot. Lyn B

  14. Saw the article in the CLT OBS–what a wonderful idea! I was born in ’48. I’ve read many books & seen films about the Holocaust & the whole Nazi experience, and met survivors over the years. Most recent book was “Flory,” memoirs of a young Jewish lady in Holland during the Nazi occupation; I highly recommend.

  15. Hi Elyse, I was born just 2 years before the war broke out in Europe and throughout my childhood I heard stories of our families caught up in this terrible war. As a teenager I worked in a drugstore in a poorer area of the city and saw some men and women come into the store and could see the numbers tattooed on their arms.
    Thanks, Elyse, for taking the time and effort you put into this site. I don’t get to see you often but always hear from Gram that you’re a bright and sweet young woman.
    All the best and keep up the great work you are doing.

  16. My parents met and married (on Easter Sunday! 4-5-44) and serves as an Army Engineer and Army Nurse. Mother was one
    of the nurses who cared for Buchenwald survivors. I have
    her original black-and-white photos taken within the camp.
    Many of the people there were so emaciated they could not
    tolerate solid foods, or even soups. The nurses worked 5
    hour shifts at night preparing intravenous feeding solutions, then got 3 hrs sleep, then went back to the
    camp and hooked the transfusions up and cared for the
    people. They were not able to save them all, as the camp
    water supply had been poisoned with lye dummped in by the
    departing Nazis, and no food remained, either. But they
    saved all they could and sent them to camps for refugees
    when they were well enough to travel. I wrote up my
    mother’s story of her life in WWII and gave copies of the
    photos to the Women in Military Service Memorial museum in
    Arlington, VA. It is just outside the Arlington Cemetery.
    You can access it online. Mother’s name was Lt. Janiece
    Grindol Kohler. My daughter Wendy Rash studied the Holocaust when she was in college at UNC-Asheville, and she
    used the pictures and story dictated to her by her Grandma
    Jan. If You want to e/m me at nancykrash at

  17. I just read your story in The Charlotte Observer ( 5/1/10) and am amazed at the work you have done in learning about your legacy. I teach AP US History and have recently taught the holocaust. I plan to share your website with them.


  18. Jewish continuity is so important in today’s world. You are an intelligent young woman & what you are doing is awesome. May your life go from strength to strength.

  19. Elyse, you are so awesome for starting this project. You go girl! Mazel Tov to you on creating an open and positive environment for young people to tell their stories. Are you familiar with a group called StoryCorps? You may want to look them up. This would be another great way for the younger generation to get involved. I don’t know if they’ve done a holocaust project but the 3G-ers and their grandparents could tell their stories together via StoryCorps. Check it out! All the best to you. You are a great role model and make me proud!

  20. hey Elyse! i go to SCMS and i heard you’re speech a couple weeks ago. i loved your speech a few weeks ago. i loved hearing about those incredible stories about your family history. thank you so much for sharing that with us!! :)

  21. Elyse, I go to South Charlotte Middle and on Friday I heard your presentation! It was great, thank you for sharing. I’m really interested in the Holocaust, but sometimes it’s just to overwhelming for me to research, so I always appreciate hearing stories from other people about it. I’m 100 percent Irish, and I’m the third generation from Ireland, but my Grandfather Herbert “Skinny” Dugan got drafted to fight during World War 2. Thank you very much!

  22. HI Elyse I go to SCMS and your speech today was very good I had a lot of fun listening to stories and everything that you had to say. Thank You so much for your time out of class. I will see you around school! :)

  23. hi elyse we go to south charlotte middle school your speech about the holocaust was very well thought out thank you for the speech we found the information very interesting! see you around!

  24. Hello Elyse,
    My name is Jack Glasheen and I know your mother professionally; she referred me to your website.

    I have 3 teenage daughters and have not only been very much a part of their interests and activities but also those of their friends. I must say that your effort and the response it has received is amazing. The concept and follow through is as good as any I have ever seen.

    I am not Jewish but we have very close Jewish family fiends and my family, through our generations in America, has always lived in communities that had a lot of Jewish families. So I am fairly familiar with your culture and traditions. I am 2nd generation from Ireland. I found the stories about your grandfather very interesting and it left me wishing I knew as much about my own grandparent’s journey. Further, the stories were so well told that I feel as if I really now know your family

    I will forward your link to some friends… Good luck with your wonderful project it’s a great contribution to all society.

  25. Hey Elyse!

    My name is Josh Allred (As indicated by my name slot in the upper left corner, heh)I was in Mr. Elgins homebase last year (2008)

    I’ve read through your site and wonder if you’ve ever been mocked by somebody that claims that the holocaust never happened. Those are people that refuse to believe the horrors of the NAZI party and their doings, if we forget the holocaust, it can happen again. That is why we must push forward when others try to push back.

    Now that I’m done with my long post-doc like speech, great site, and keep up the good work!

  26. Dear Elyse,
    My name is Boaz Ephraim, your father’s Second cousin,
    I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel and have a lot of Holocaust Stories I heard from my grandmother tea, Sister of your great grandfather Dr. Hugo Schleicher.
    Tea was in a Concentration camp “Teresienstat”, She survived.
    I my have some copies of original document’s that i have from that time,
    I’m Very excited that you are doing such an important project as a Bat-mitzvah project by telling your family’s story to all your friend’s and to the rest of the world.
    keeping these stories alive so we and the rest of the world will never forget.
    Mazel Tov!
    Boaz Ephraim
    Tel Aviv

  27. Dear Elyse,
    I was so happy to read all the stories on your website. I went to Rippowam High School and was a good friend of your Aunt Brenda. We were all active in Young Judea, a Zionist Youth Group. I had the good fortune to meet your Grandma Ellen and Grandpa Bert many times. They were both amazing, accomplished people. My mother also escaped from Germany with her parents, my Oma and Opa. They were able to leave Berlin when my Mom was only 5 years old, and settled in New York City. I think it is wonderful that you have the story from your Great-Grandfather, my Oma and Opa never wrote down the details of their trip from Germany through the Netherlands to New York. Good luck with your project!

    Lisa Bloch Rodwin

  28. Hi Elyse. I am a student in the sixth grade at South Charlotte Middle. Your presentation yesterday was ~wonderful~, you did a great job. ^__^ Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  29. Hi Elyse this is Ashley from swim team at Hembstead. I am in 6th grade at South Charlotte Middle School. Today our grade saw your presentation it was so cool. I can’t believe your as interested in the Holocaust as I am. Even though I have no Jewish heritage I am part German I think this is neat that you are trying to preserve this history.Also my grandfather was a pilot in WW2 over the pacific.He passed December,17,2008.

  30. We were very impressed by your speech-we think that it is great that you are continuing the ‘memories.’ Keep up the great work!! (Nice website too)

  31. Elyse,
    Thak you for sharing your project with the teachers who attended the Holocaust Gathering of Educators at Temple Beth El. It is encouraging to know that students can do such fine work and I have every intention of sharing your website with my students. Keep up the good work and I too hope your brtoher and you will continue to add to this.

  32. Elyse,
    Thank you for sharing these stories about Grandpa and his family. I wish I would have spent as much time as you have learning about our past.

  33. Dear Elyse,
    My Class is studying the Holocaust and I saw your website. I don’t really know anything about being Jewish, but I think this is an amazing and personal project. Congratulations on everything!

  34. Elyse…forgot in the last comment to congratulate you on becoming a Bat-Mitzvah. For my Bat Mitzvah in 2006, I researched Torah scrolls that survived the Holocaust. I would love to share the information I learned…we have our very own scroll here at Temple Israel! Thank you for keeping these stories alive so we never forget. Mazel Tov!

  35. Elyse– What a great idea! Its wonderful that our grandparents and family member’s stories will be remembered. Thanks for this opportunity, and I am very excited to keep checking back! L’shana Tova to you and your family!

  36. Elyse,
    God bless you for what you are doing. By the Grace of G-d my grandparents left Europe long before the holocost.
    It is so important to keep the memories of the survivors alive so as to prevent this from happening to future generations. NEVER AGAIN!

    Bob Stempler

  37. I sent an email to you. I am very proud of you and very impressed with your Bat Mitzvah project. My mother is a Holocaust Survivor.

  38. Yours is a grand mitzvah! When we took my older daughter at three months to meet her great grandpa Benjamin, he had placed a score of photos on the kitchen table of members of the Weingarten family who had died in the Holocaust. He wanted Claire to meet them too!

  39. Dear Elyse: I read about your website in the N&O in Chapel Hill. Thank you so much for inaugurating your website.I lived through the horrors of the holocaust thirdhand. My mother would read us the news about what was happening in Germany. Also I had many young friends who were refugees from Vienna,Berlin, and Frankfort.
    I am asking my own grandchildren to check your website.

  40. Hello again Elyse,
    As we hve discussed I am very involved in an organization of children of suvivors of a small town in Poland called GOMBIN. Our website is We are so happy to see a 3g taking on such a big task. I have asked my membership to be in touch and share their stories with you. Thank you for this work and G-d bless you!!

    Mindy S. Prosperi

  41. Elyse,
    What a lovely tribute to your Grandfather. Not many 13 year olds have dedicated so much time into perserving their heritage. Your selfless gift will be appreciated by many generations to come. You are certainly a lovely example of the Jewish faith. I am so proud of you for the legacy you have written. Love, Sallie

  42. Shalom!

    I saw your letter to the editor in this week’s Canadian Jewish News. The overall idea of a collection of holocaust stories submitted by grandchildren is a uniquely interesting concept, and this website is a great framework for it. Mazel Tov on this amazing endeavor.

    Kevin Goodman
    Program Director
    BBYO Lake Ontario Region

  43. Dear Elyse,

    I ran into your mother and father who were bursting with pride over this wonderful Mitzvah project of yours! Now I can see why. What an generous and significant effort from which we can all benefit. Thank you so much for helping to educate future generations of Jews about this pivotal time in our history. Mazel Tov on becoming a Bat Mitzvah!

    Becky, David, Shayna & Elana

  44. Elyse,

    I think this is a great idea for a bat-mitzvah project. My bat-mitzvah was april 12th 2008 and my babi was there with me. She is a Holocaust survivor too. However a lot of my family past from the tragady. I will try to post a story or two. Good luck with everything.


  45. Elyse,
    What a great web site! This was such a great idea. I once visited a concentration camp in Germany and have since been interested in how such a horrible thing could have happened. I also visited the Anne Frank House. She was one of many great people who we will never know what they would have accomplished as an adult. I am very excited to hear the stories that people send you. Keep up the great work. The world is a better place because of people like you.

    Camille Rich

  46. Dear Elyse, I think you are doing a most wonderful mitzvah! I wish my grandchildren would undertake such a project and gain a better understanding of making the world a better place. I am alive today because of the courage of others, namely my parents and members of the Dutch underground. My parents had the enormous courage to place me in hiding and the people working in the underground helped find a place for me to hide. In 1948 I came to America with my grandmother.

    I congratulate you on your bat mitzvah and wish you a truly wonderful life. I see already that your life has great meaning.

    R. Fink, survivor

  47. I think this is a great project. My bar mitzvah was on january 19 2008. I helped physically challanged athletes compete in the triatholon.
    Your project is a great one. I don’t know my grandparents full story but I do know that they survived the tragedy that is the holocaust.

  48. I commend you for what you are doing and really hope the site takes off. I am emailing the article from the Observer to all my Jewish friends and family.
    Keep up the Great Project so the world never forgets what happened to our families.

    Shalom & God Bless You & Your Family
    Rich Berman
    Mount Gilead, NC

  49. Hi Elyse!

    What a great project! This is a great way to remember and honor people like Grandpa Bert and your other grandparents! It’s wonderful that you’re taking the time to put together something to remember the stories of Holocaust survivors – these are stories that we’ll want to pass along to our own children and without the documentation, many of these stories will not be remembered.

    I’m so proud of you!

    Love you,

  50. This website is awesome. I just found out in the newspaper. I’ll try to enter a story, (my grandpa is a Holocaust Survivor).

  51. Dear E…
    Love the website. I think i had a grandparent that lived in the 1930’s so they could know some who are still alive… but they were born in the US!

  52. Hi Elyse,

    I found you through your letter in the Baltimore Jewish Times. I lived in Baltimore for 54 years after leaving Germany on a Kindertransport to England in June 1939 and arrived in the States in May 1940. To the best of my knowledge we are not related though it is possible way back. You may contact me at the above email address if you have further questions. Good luck in your project!

    Max Bodenheimer

  53. This is a really amazing website. Congratulations! I’ts such a good idea. The family stories link is really interesting. Good luck on your bat mitzvah. Hope the website turns out great. We’ll try and get more people to visit. :-)
    Jacob and Brandon

  54. Hi Elyse,

    your website looks really great, you did an amazing job!

    Got the link from your dad who is very proud of you.

    Hope you will have many many entries soon!


    PS: I just loooove Bronson’s birthday picture!

  55. hey,
    your website is really cool, thoughtful, unique! i never would have thought of doing something like this. it reminds people of the past but helps them decide for the future. good luck on your bat mitzvah!
    luv ya like a sister and a bff! :)

  56. Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah and for your vision to organize this important project. I received your email to the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (Oregon) and we wish you much success with your efforts. I am sure that great things will come about as a result of your initiative. Thanks for all you are doing!

  57. Hi Elyse,
    I will check each night to see what you have added. have you been in touch with the other Elise Bodenheimer?

    love, Grandma

  58. Dear Elyse: In which village was your grandpa born? I think I came from the same region –SW Germany. Here is who I am Please contact me at ingeauebacher at I am a child survivor of the Terezin concentration camp where the poem I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY was written by Pavel Friedman.

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