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Celebrating the LIFE of Sir Nicholas Winton

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We join in mourning the death of Sir Nicholas Winton, who saved hundreds of children from Nazi persecution during WWII. He organized “kindertransport” trains to evacuate Czech children – most of them Jewish – to live out the war safely in the UK. He died…

RIP Maya Angelou

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“Hold those things that tell your history and protect them. During slavery, who was able to read or write or keep anything? The ability to have somebody to tell your story to is so important. It says: ‘I was here. I may be sold tomorrow….

UGA – Holocaust Film and Literature class

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Hey everyone, On October 24th, I sat in on Dr. Ari Lieberman’s class at the University of Georgia, where they were discussing the book “Maus”.  If you haven’t read it, the author, Art Spiegelman, wrote about his father’s experience during the Holocaust, and he wrote…

A Fairy Tale

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A Fairy Tale   Written by: Dr. Hugo Schleicher (Elyse’s great-grandfather)   Once upon a time – the fairy tales have mostly this beginning. But have you ever heard a fairy tale, which tells the real truth? If not, let me tell you one.  …

My Journey to America

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My Journey to America   Written by: Dr. Hugo Schleicher (Elyse’s great-grandfather)   May I start with the date of Sunday, the 12th of May 1940, that remarkable day, when I was arrested together with all Germans and Austrian subjects in different parts of Great…

Kristallnacht Anniversary

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Hey Everyone, Today marks the 74th anniversary of Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass. On this day, many Jews were killed and hundreds were arrested by the Nazi’s; as well as Jewish owned buildings destroyed by the Nazi’s. We must NEVER forget and ALWAYS remember…


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Hey Everyone, I know it has been a while, school has started and I am swamped! I just wanted to give an update on whats been going on. After I got back from Emory, I interned for Judge Hoover at the courthouse. I was fortunate…

Summer at Emory

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Hey Everyone! This summer has been crazy so far! I just got back from a two week law and litigation program at Emory University. I loved it! I learned a lot about the law and gave an oral argument at the end as well as…

The Butterfly Project

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Hi Everyone! Last Thursday, I went to an event that was put on by the people who run the Butterfly Project at the JCC. It was very nice. It started out with speakers from the JCC who have spent lots of time coordinating all the…

Latin Convention

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This past weekend I went to UNC Chapel Hill with my Latin Class and we participated in the Latin State Convention. It was so much fun; we placed 2nd overall! I participated in Olympika and received 4th in the 100m, 1st in the 4*200m relay,…

Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Hi Everyone! I know it has been a while since I last posted…school has been very busy as I am preparing for final exams and the last weeks of school. Holocaust Remembrance Day was the other day, and it was very important for me to…

South Charlotte Middle School

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Hey Everyone! Today I am speaking at South Charlotte Middle School to my brothers class. I am really excited to be able to educate my brother and his classmates. Ian has never heard me speak before, so it will be interesting to hear what he…

Holiday Season

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Happy Holidays! As the holidays are approaching, please donate your time and services to your local food banks and shelters. There are many people out there who are in need of help during this time of year. My brother and I will be donating food…


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Hey Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope you donated food to your local food bank, and helped those in need. I sure did! As the Holidays are approaching, it is time to help those in need. Every year, instead of getting…

Video on Johtje Vos

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Hi Everyone! In my English Class, we are reading Night. Along with reading the book, we have a research project. We were each assigned a specific person who played in active role in the Holocaust. I was given Johtje Vos. She was a rescuer. She…

Freedom School

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Hey Everyone! This summer has flown by. I can’t believe the school year is starting! This summer I volunteered at The Freedom School. This is a summer program offered to elementary school children from schools in the Charlotte area. These children came to the Shalom…

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