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In Memory of Albert Panebianco

In Memory of Albert Panebianco

Posted by Elyse in Stories 01 Jan 2010

Albert Panebianco passed away this morning, January 1, 2010. He was a man that I had been talking to and had formed a great friendship with throughout my bat mitzvah project, He was a soldier in the 45th infantry division. Al had emailed me telling me about his website,, and more about the stories he had collected about soldiers during World War II.

The friendship I had with Al Panebianco was a special one. Although we had never met, we had something in common, we both wanted to preserve the memories of the events that occurred in World War II.

Al was a World War II veteran living in Cary, North Carolina who read about my project in the newspaper. As I said, he was a member of the 45th Infantry Division, as well as a liberator of the Dachau Concentration Camp.

His experiences were very similar to those of Holocaust Survivors. He was put under harsh condition when liberating the camps, and had to be away from his family. The stories he has are much like the ones on my website because they are first accounts of the events witnessed.

Albert Panebianco was a good friend of mine and I hope that I will have more friends like him to come. I had formed a great friendship with him and learned a lot from his website and his first hand accounts. I hope to carry on this friendship and the knowledge he gave me throughout my life.

Al was a man of perseverance, courage, and strength. He was a true hero and I hope that he will be remembered for many years.

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