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Max Bodenheimer Story

Max Bodenheimer Story

Posted by Elyse in Stories 17 Aug 2008

I was born in Hesse-Darmstadt in 1928. I started school in 1934; in as much as Jews could no longer go to public schools at the time, the Jewish community started 2 Jewish schools (one orthodox and one reform). On Kristallnacht both synagogues went up in flames and my older brother (aged 17) was put in a concentration camp but was let go after 6 weeks. My other brother was able to acquire a student visa to Ner Israel College in Baltimore, this brother received a visa for England, my sister was on a Kindertransport to Switzerland, and I was put on a Kindertransport to England in June 1939. I lived in a hostel in Margate, England, till May 1940 when my oldest brother and I were able to emigrate to the United States. I lived with a family under the auspices of the Jewish Family and Children’s Service till my parents arrived from Germany in July 1941.

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