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Kristallnacht Anniversary

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Hey Everyone, Today marks the 74th anniversary of Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass. On this day, many Jews were killed and hundreds were arrested by the Nazi’s; as well as Jewish owned buildings destroyed by the Nazi’s. We must NEVER forget and ALWAYS remember…

Ruth Gruber Comments on Shalom TV

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Hey Everyone! My dad sent me an article about a woman telling about how FDR helped in the Holocaust and how he changed America in a good way. Her comments are listed below. ACTIVIST AND AUTHOR RUTH GRUBER DEFENDS ROOSEVELT’S HOLOCAUST RECORD Reminds Shalom TV…

Holocaust Denial by Priest in Europe

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Pope Criticized as Priest Says Nazi Gas Chambers ‘Disinfected’ From Bloomberg News Email | Print | A A A By Flavia Krause-Jackson Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) — Pope Benedict XVI again came under fire from members of the Jewish community after a second priest publicly questioned…

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