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Another Elise Bodenheimer

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hey everyone, A couple of weeks ago my dad was doing some research and found a family tree by another Elise Bodenheimer.  I contacted her and found out about her past and about her ancestors.  I even found out that we might be related, how…

St. Louis what I found out

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Hey everyone, This is my first official blog. I was doing some research on the St. Louis and found some really interesting things. The website I went to was The original website is Does anyone know these families? The Hermanns Family, The Dingfelder…

Welcome to my Blog

Posted by Elyse in Updates

Well the website is finally up and running!  A great big thank you, again, to Will Lamoreaux – he and my father have been friends for over 20 years, and he is always doing really cool stuff for our family!  He is great, and the…

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