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Hey Everyone! On Thursday I spoke for the North Carolina Council of the Holocaust. It was in front of a bunch of Holocaust educators and I told them about my bat mitzvah project and all the responses I have had from my website. If you…

My Dvar Torah

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I thought I might share what I read for my Dvar Torah. My Dvar Torah is explaining the Torah portion we read and what God is telling to Moses. Shabbat Shalom. This week’s Parsha is Va’eira, which means “I appeared”. In this week’s story, the…

Butterfly Project

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On Tuesday, I went to the JCC for a class on the Butterfly Project. The Butterfly project is this project that a group of students though of to remember the people who died in the Holocaust. We painted Butterflies and made Butterflies, and each Butterfly…

What has happened throughout my project

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Hey everyone! I thought that it would be really neat to show everyone how my project has progressed.  Here are some links with articles that I have been featured in. I hope that in a few years that I will be able to…

Nancy MacMillan

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Hey everyone! Monday I met with Nancy MacMillan, a Providence High School Teacher I have been talking to. In March I will be speaking about my bat mitzvah project and what I have learned about the holocaust and about my family and their survival/journey through…

70th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

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On November 9 at Temple Israel they are holding the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht.  I get to escort a survivor in and meet a total of twelve survivors. The temple has made a video of the twelve holocaust survivors stories and is going to show it…

Jodi Shapiro

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Elyse, Your project sounds like a noteworthy one. We are very proud that you have decided to do this as part of you becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Jodi Shapiro Sincerely , Jodi Shapiro   Jodi L. ShapiroExecutive Assistant     Los Angeles Museum of the…

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