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Reflection of what I have done

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Hey Everyone! First off, I would like to tell you that I just recently spoke at Country Day School and Providence High School to the Tenth Grade Class about my Holocaust Project. I really enjoyed speaking to them and I hope they enjoyed my stories….

Websites Where My Project Ran

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Hey Everyone! These are some of the places where my project ran. I am continuing on in finding stories and I am sharing what I have learned and the stories with my community and people around me. ~Elyse~ – 56k – – 55k…

Albert Panebianco

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Hello Everyone, I hope everyone has had a happy new year. I hope you all know about Albert Panebianco who I have spoken to throughout my project for the past year (he had the website,, this was a world war II website and I…

Food Drive at Church

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Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a good holiday.  A few days ago, I went to my friends church to help them with the food drive they had.  We had to organize all the food, I did this with my family and my friends…

Holiday Gifts

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Hello Everyone! Every year now for two years, my family and I have been giving out gift cards and holiday cards to bell-ringers, elders, clerks, and many other people. Two years ago, my brother and I were written up in the newspaper for giving one…

Some Interesting Information

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Hey Everyone! Sorry that I haven’t written in a while, I have been very busy with school work and after school activities. I am still going with my project and will be speaking at many different schools in the beginning of the year. I have…


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Hey everyone! Below is an article about the Blueprints that were found for Auschwitz. In a previous blog I wrote about wondering about people who didn’t believe in the Holocaust. Here states that there is proof! The Blueprints were found and I just can’t believe…

Holocaust Article

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Howdy Everyone! I was reading an article called “Holocaust Education faces cuts in recession, and it was a really interesting article about someone who was also very interested in the Holocaust and how they are loosing funding. The link to the article is When…

Essay Contest

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Hey Everyone! I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer! I am part of the Yahoo Group Remember_The_Holocaust. The nice man who runs it is named Freddy Kahn (his story is posted on my website). This organization runs this essay contest each year where the…

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