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Leibdav (LionBear) Mage

Posted by Elyse in Stories

I am 54, 3 1/2 years older than Michael Jackson. I am partially handicapped from a stroke in 2006 but still alive. Twenty five years ago in 1984., a quater century, two years before she died my grandmother sat with me on the front balcony…

Gabriele Silten

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CHAPTER 1. I was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1933. That’s also the year Hitler came to power, so it was not a good year. But, obviously, I couldn’t help that. My whole family lived in Berlin: my grandparents, my parents and I and various…

Fred Lejuene Kahn

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Fred Kahn, SAIS: ’63 A Dramatic Escape to a New LifeWhen Fred Kahn recalls his childhood, growing up in a Jewish household in Germany at the dawn of the Second World War, clear images spring to mind: neighborhood children riding on sleighs, trumpets blaring from…

Leon Fajgenbaum-Submitted by Mindy Prosperi

Posted by Elyse in Stories

Leon Fajgenbaum, 1920-2009  My grandfather was born into a world that no longer exists.  Not only because so much about the world – national borders, technologies, lifestyles – changed over the course of his lifetime.  But because the world of his childhood in Jewish Poland…

_Helen Gerson

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Written by Jack Lansky of Atlanta, Georgia, for his Aunt. Jack gave this tribute on May 5, 2005 – he was 16 years old when he wrote this speech. My Aunt, Helen Gerson is a survivor. In the literal sense she survived over 6 years…

_Hilda Fogelson

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Survival and Tolerance: My Omama I have always known that my Omama, (grandma in German) a quiet, 80-year old woman living alone Los Angeles, had escaped Nazi Germany as a young child. I never truly knew the depth of my grandma’s emotions until she spoke…

Lea Evron

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My Grandma has so many incredible stories about growing up in Poland during the Holocaust. This is one of my favorites because it is so unbelievable: When my grandma was a little girl, she and her mother went into hiding in the home of a…

Irving Beinstock

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Where were you from?  I was from Germany, Dortmund How did you know you were going to have to leave your home?  I knew I was going to have to leave my home because people were coming to rescue my father and take him to…

Max Bodenheimer Story

Posted by Elyse in Stories

I was born in Hesse-Darmstadt in 1928. I started school in 1934; in as much as Jews could no longer go to public schools at the time, the Jewish community started 2 Jewish schools (one orthodox and one reform). On Kristallnacht both synagogues went up…

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